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    Saturday, January 22, 2005

    Kisna - Movie Review

    First time I am writing review and all. I dont know what is the format and how a review should be written. But one thing for sure. I wont tell you the story!

    Movie is good. It is definitely worth watching. It is a period film with most of the action taking place in the year 1947. The movie has the backdrop of Independence struggle and hindu-muslim riots. But movie has nothing to do with these sensitive subjects.

    Nothing new or out of the world stuff. A normal love story, but told in a different way. This is one of the better period films that have been taken. Subhash Ghai has done of lots of research and that shows in the movie. Right from the cars used by britishers, costumes etc etc.

    Movie is shot in uttaranchal and the scenic beauties are wonderfully captured by the camera. Editing could have been far better. At times, there is no continuity in the movie. But thats ok.
    And yeah, it is a 3 hr 35 min movie and it could have been cut short by some 20 mins.

    The censor board official who watched this movie, must have been mesmerised by the beauty of the women that he/she actually forgot that a beautiful woman is taking bath, she is not wearing any dress and this should'nt be shown to the public.

    The positives of the movie are as follows

    Screenplay: The script has been brought out into wonderful frames. A real treat for the eyes.

    Katherine (Antonia Bernath): She has acted so so well. It is very hard to believe that she visited India for the first time, whilst shooting for the movie. The emotions she expresses makes you really feel for her. Hats off to you madam!

    Music: Right from the title track, Music is so soothing to the ears. Thank god there is no item number. It seems AR Rahman worked for his part separately, and same with Ismail Drabar. Credit goes to the director for bringing the best in both the musicians.

    As always, the best track of the movie 'Hum hain is pal yahan' has not been completely picturised :-(

    Apart from that all the songs have been excellently picturised. Especially 'Dream Comes True' and 'Chilman uthegi nahin'. If you think that 'maar dala' from Devdas was exotic and rich, then watch 'Chilman uthegi nahin'. Sushmita Sen is gorgeous. Though she comes for just 10 minutes in the movie, she has done an amazing job. Ismail Darbar would have been very happy after seeing this song.
    Same with Rahman as well. This is one of the few movies in which his music has been properly treated and wonderfully picturised.

    Kisna(Vivek Oberoi): You really pity the hero character by Vivek's actiong. Vivek has underplayed his role and gels very well along with the story. You see him as kisna throughout the movie.

    Action: Hardly there are any fight scenes, but Tinu Verma has done a wonderful job.

    Now comes the negatives

    Lakshmi(Isha Sharwani): No idea why she is in the movie. She looks more of a gymnast than a dancer. She bends her legs and arms in all possible directions. And at times she holds a rope and hangs upside down from the tree, to show her love(??????????????????) for Kisna. She would suit the role of Tarzan's girl friend. Having said that, she is very very very very beautiful and cute. Has expressive eyes and dances very well. But she seems to be a misfit in the movie

    Editing: Could have been far better for a movie of this magnitude

    As I said earlier, this movie is long by about 20 minutes or so.

    But definitely worth a watch. You will not regret it. And remember, you watch this movie in a movie hall with dolby and digital effects. You might not get that much impact if you watch it in a normal theatre or VCD!

    Cut and Pasted by F e r r a r i at 2:41 AM


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