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Prabhu n Ferrari
A Ferrari fan, who loves to be called as F e r r a r i
F e r r a r i
A simple chennai guy, living in bangalore. Loves to watch Formula 1 and European Football. Big fan of AR Rehman
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    Wednesday, January 19, 2005

    Stray Dogs!

    Bangalore is famous for the number of stray dogs it has. Every street can boast of atleast 4 to 5. This is the maximum in India ;-)

    BTW, I observed one thing. Most of the Mumbai stray dogs are white (Will blog abt it later)

    Coming back to the topic, till 10 PM none of the stray dogs will disturb you. But after 10 pM, change of guards ceremony takes place and the dogs take control of bangalore city. You are at their mercy!!

    Many a times when I reach home late, I had to use all my bike riding skills to reach home safely. I found it very tough and demanding after a tough days work at office. Then I came up with this idea.

    Every 15 days, I started buying 2 packets of brittania milk bikis(My street dogs didnt like parle g or tiger biscuits) and threw it to the dogs(Stray dogs on my street). Wow. What a difference it made?
    When I reach home after 10, all the dogs do bark and do follow me. But expecting me to give them something. Not to bite me. They wag their tails, and sniff my legs.

    Try this technique and see how it works :-)

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