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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Miracles do happen!!

Courtesy: Maverick

All of you might have been receiving a mail, with a pic of this kid!!
And whereabouts of his folks not known etc!

Miracles do happen!!!
PHUKET, Thailand (AP) - A Swedish toddler was reunited with his
father Wednesday, days after being found alone in the aftermath of
the deadly tsunami that swept Asia.

Hannes Bergstroem was found after the waves subsided Sunday and taken
to a hospital on this resort island for treatment. His photo was
posted on the Internet on Monday. The two-year-old's uncle saw the
photo and claimed the boy Tuesday. On Wednesday the child was
reunited with his father, Marko Karkkainen, at a hospital on the
southern Thai island of Phuket where both father and son were
receiving treatment.

Hannes, his face scratched and pocked with mosquito bites, looked
puzzled as his father choked up with emotion.

Despite the joy of seeing one another again, the day was tinged with
sadness and anxiety. Suzanne Bergstroem, the boys mother, is still
among some 5,000 people missing in Thailand. Nearly 2,000 people are
confirmed dead there.

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