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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy Birthday Thalaiva

Originally uploaded by Ferrari Rasigan.
Ferrari's Michael Schumacher is preparing for another season of success, this time as the oldest driver in Formula One.

The seven times world champion celebrates his 36th birthday on Monday, confident he can beat the advancing years just as easily as he saw off his rivals in the one-sided 2004 campaign.

"Of course I have the odd small ache or pain every now and then but they are only small ones," said the German, now the 'old man' of the starting grid after the retirement of Frenchman Olivier Panis.

"All in all, I feel very, very fit and to be perfectly honest, much younger than almost 36," he said on his website.

"I play soccer with my colleagues quite often, with people like (Renault's) Fernando Alonso who is 10 years younger than I am and I don't see much of a difference.

"No, I am not getting worn out and especially not psychologically. I still enjoy what I do immensely."

"I'm starting off the new season just like all the others before, with a hunger, fully motivated and looking forward to the fights that lie ahead," said Schumacher, who needs just two more pole positions to equal Ayrton Senna's record.

"I have fun, I love my sport and I love being challenged. The things I've achieved so far have nothing to do with it...In sport, you can't rest on your past victories. You have to take the challenge again and again."

Schumacher, who won 13 of last year's 18 races, has not been in a Formula One car since the end of October and is not due to test until the middle of the month.

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