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Prabhu n Ferrari
A Ferrari fan, who loves to be called as F e r r a r i
F e r r a r i
A simple chennai guy, living in bangalore. Loves to watch Formula 1 and European Football. Big fan of AR Rehman
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    Friday, December 24, 2004

    Ferrari Rasigan-Scene 4

    Suddenly Vijayan's health condition deteriorates and takes a promise from Narayanan that he should not get back to Italy and stay in India
    Vijayan dies.
    (Scene shifts to Vijayan's house. Vijayan's photo with garland. Narayanan sitting with a grim face and Sakthivel by his side. Both wearing lungi and t shirt)
    Sakthivel: Enna panna pore
    Narayanan: Therila. Ferrari race driver Giles Villenueve kaelvi pattu irukkiya?
    Sakthivel: Illai
    (Narayanan shows paper cutting of Villenueve's pictures, pictures of narayanan and villenueve, pictures of narayanan receiving a prize from Enzo Ferrari)
    Narayanan: Famous Race driver. Naan avaroda car crew la work panren
    Sakthivel: Avar nalla driver aa ketta driver aa?
    Narayanan: Theriyaliye paaaaaaaaaa. Nalla manushan. Perusu thirumba poga koodadhu nnu sathiyam vaangirichu
    Narayanan keeps looking at the picture of him and Villenueve
    (A clipping of 1979 USA-West Grand Prix which Villeneuve won is shown for 1 minute)
    Wheels of the Red Ferrari car is shown and we reach 2004 once again
    Meera: Unga hall la oru photo paathen. Avar dhaan Narayanan aa?
    Sakthivel: Avanedhaan. Gettikaara rascal. He was ahead of his times!
    Meera: Oh! Enakku mails check pannanum. Neraya spam vandhu irukkum. Ellathayum delete pannanum. Space romba kammi aa irukku mailbox la
    Sakthivel: GMail Invite anupparen. 1 gb space kedaikkum
    (Meera raises her eyebrows at Sakthivel's knowledge)
    Meera: Neenga kalyaname pannikalaya?
    Sakthivel: ha ha ha.
    (Camera focuses on Meera's tape. She is rewinding the cassette and we go back to 1979)
    Song: Nenjamellam kaadhal.
    Prelude of the song
    Camera shows Sakthivel in White and white walking towards the Devaki Hospital and Priya(Gowthami) approaching from the front.
    Both eyes meet
    Stanza 1
    (Location shifts to Rajasthan desert. Sakthivel wearing a dark blue bell bottom and white shirt. Goggles like a MTC bus windshield and a Golf cap. Priya wearing a long red color skirt and white color top)
    Interlude Music
    (Location shifts to Cherapunji near the falls Sakthivel sporting a tight white trouser and red ferrari t shirt. Priya dressed up like a bride. But black color. Tap dancing)
    Stanza 2
    (Location shifts to Shimla, kulu and manali where there is lots of snow. Both Sakthivel and Priya sporting winter wear)
    Some fast dance steps from Sakthivel when the guitar is flowing at full swing and just before the lady voice starts singing hugs Priya from behind and kisses on her cheeks
    (Location shifts to Sakthivel's house terrace in Mylapore. Evening time. Kapali kovil at the background. Priya taking all the dried clothes from the kodi. Sakthi comes silently behind her lifts her and takes her to the bedroom and yeah kisses on her lips(If censor allows)
    End of song

    Cut and Pasted by F e r r a r i at 12:44 AM


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