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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Cho the Great!

Yesterday was an eventful day for me. I attened the 35th Anniversary Celebration function of the weekly 'Thuglak'. The meeting was supposed to start at 6.30 PM at Music Academy, Chennai.
My dad who has been attending this function right from 1970 told me that I need to go some 2 to 3 hrs in advance, to get a seat. I along with Desikan,Guru and Praveen reached the place by around 4 PM itself, and was surprised to see a queue. We parked the bike and rushed to the queue. Luckily we got in and got a place to sit at the prime area.
In fifteen minutes, the whole auditorium got filled and people were sitting on the floor, standing behind etc etc.I walked out to drink water. Was surprised to see that many people were sitting on the floor in the lobby in front of a giant screen.
We discussed on variety of things, right from my Nokia 6230 till Hindu Mahasamudhiram(A series on hindu religion by Cho). Desikann who has been attending this meet for quite some years, gave us some interesting incidents that have happened in the past. Time flew away and everyone was looking at the ticking clock
It was around 5.30 PM. Mr Neelu(Neelakantan, who has acted and still acts in many dramas. But many people recognize him as 'Kazhudhai' bagavadhar after one of his famous DD Teleserial) announced 'Due to heavy crowd, we are planning to put up a giant screen in the parking lot as well. So we request the following car owners to move their car a little bit, so that more space is available'. After saying this the car numbers was also announced. Some 10 to 12 car numbers. No one moved :-)After five minutes one person came and announced 'Okay. We announced once. No one seems to move. We are not responsible, if people sit on top of your car and car gets damaged' :-)) Thats it. All the car owners rushed out to move the cars.
6.31 PM
Cho entered for a thuderous applause from the audience. No periyorgale, thaaimargale blah blah stuff. He straight away started 'Like every year, this year also we will introducee you all to the Thuglak team' and he announced all his subordinates in his traditional hilarious manner.
No chairs on stage. No garlands. All were standing for the entire meeting
6.45 - 8.00 PM
Thuglak readers came up with lot many questions like these
Q:'India Olmypics la medal yaen vaangaradhu illai'A:'I think our climate doesnt allow sportsmen to have that much stamina'Q: 'Unga pathirikayile paraparappu illaye'A: 'Aaamaam. Naan jayalakshmi pathiyum Saravana bhavan pathiyum ezhudhalai'Q: 'What is Thuglak's circulation. Any new marketing plans to increase it?'A: '75000. Yaen. Double aaka poreengaLa. Naan shampoo free ya kodutha evanavadhu vaanguvaana? Cho thalai madhiri namma thalayum mottai aagidum appadinula nenaipaan. Vendaam sir. Naan ezhudharadha paathu en pathirikkai vaangina poarum. Naan free ya kodukkara item paathu en pathirikkai vaangina, adhu enakku insult!!!"Q: 'Why Muslims are targetted as terrorists?"A: "Not all muslims are terrorists. But unfortunately most of people who are terrorists are muslims. And I am planning to publish an article on 'Learn Islam' in thuglak"Q: 'ADMK thaniya irukke. Can they win next election?"A: "WHo said they are alone? They have SP Premkumar with them ;-)"
Many such questions, which will appear in next 3 editions of thuglak.
8.00 - 9.15 PM
Cho gave his concluding speech. Amazing speech. He spoke on how DMK is trying to project Dayanidhi maran, BJP's recovery from the defeat, Tsunami, ADMK's rule etc. And he literally ripped Sun TV Apart!!! He cited incidents of they were acting so cheaply. He came down heavily on the media as well. The way they sensationalised Shankaracharya arrest with false facts, just to increase the circulation. He also gave a special mention to the work RSS is doing for Tsunami victims and how all the media is failing to recognise the efforts.And then the most awaited topic of Shankaracharya. He told about the evidences that prosecution claimed and how all of them were fabricated. He citedd the facts, legal acts etc etc. He went a step ahead and claimed Shankararaman as a 1st rate blackmailer. And how the media here is trying to portray Shankarraman as a saint.He also said legally there is no provision for the government to take over the kanchi mutt or appoint their man as peedadhibathy. You should have seen the applause he got when he mentioned this.He says it is a completely fabricated case. And he also said this. 'Sattathin mun anaivarum samam. Shankaracharyar thavira. Avar ellarayum vida oru padi keezh. adhanaal dhaan avaraukku ippadi oru aneedhi izhaikkapatu irukindradhu' then he went on to say how people ill treated him during the bali petition hearing in chennai high courtHe concluded the meeting by saying 'Hindu madham pala jenmangalaai irukkum madham. After all 5 aandu aalugindra oru arasal adhai thurumbalavu kooda asaikka mudiyadhu'
With National Anthem the meeting endeed.
Wow. What a man he is? The guts he has. The courage with which he publicly condemns top political figures. His sense of humour, his timing. He is one of the best orator in India at present.
I am really really proud, that I could see him live and attend his meeting. This i consider as a life time blessing. There is so much to learn from this great man.
Hats off to you thalaiva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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