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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bharathirajavai Kaidhu Sei

Why Bharathiraja why?
I have always enjoyed the music of the movie 'Kangalal Kaidhu Sei'. Last saturday I had the (mis)fortune of watching the picturisation of 2 songs from the movie.
Song 1: Azhaghiya Cindrella
What a lovely song? I was aghast when I saw the picturisation. This guy vaseegeran would be sitting on a stool with no expressions. All of a sudden Priya Mani will jump from the windows(The original one. Not the Microsoft one) in slow motion. Wait wait, thats not all. Multiple Priya mani's. And all of them will be standing in the room with different poses :-(
Song 2: Adi anarkali
Sathiyama no one can picturise this song so badly :-( If alone Maniratnam or Shankar had got this song. cha.
Priya mani resembled a gymnast in this entire song. If you had watched olympics, you would be able to comprehend what I am trying to say. Before a start of any gymnastic event or for that matter even rhythmic skating, the gymnasts move their hand in a synchronous motion. And then they start the performance.
In this song, Priya mani does the same and instead of performing, she walks straight and sits on vaseegaran's lap. Not just once. Many times during the song with different costumes. And vaseegaran will look at the ceiling and sing 'Adi Anarkali'. Aandavaaa
At the fague end of the song, Priyamani will be wearing a red color dress and running on the beach. Vaseegaran will be following her and try to catch her. At one stage he will jump like 'Mohd Kaif running in from the boundary and dive forward to take a low catch'. And he will hold his hand like as if there is a cricket ball in it and sing 'Adi Anarkali'
Now I am not able to enjoy the song as I enjoyed before :-( The picturisation comes to my mind!!
Enakke ippadi irukke. Paatta compose pannina AR Rahman kku evlo kodumaya irundhu irukkum :-((

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