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Prabhu n Ferrari
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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ferrari Rasigan - Scene 9

Camera focuses on India Gate

31st October 1984
Marriage hall: Sunidhi(Kajol for guest appearance) is sitting, with people applying mehndi on her hands.
Priya and Nandita sitting next to her. All of them laughing and having great fun
There are many sikhs around and everyone seems to be in fun mood.
(Suddenly there is a blast outside. Noise of people screaming at the top of their voice.
One guy comes and tells something in punjabi and gestures them to lock the door)
Sunidhi runs and locks the door from inside. Only Sunidhi, Priya and Nandita in the room
(Sunidhi was studying in chennai and she knows bit of tamil)
Priya: Enna aachu?
Sunidhi: Indira Gandhi assasinate pannitaanga. Yaaro sikh dhaan panninaanam. Orey violence
Nandita: Ayyo aandava ippo enna panradhu
Sunidhi: Kavalai padadheenga. Police kku phone panni irukkom
Camera now focusses on the street. Angry mob rushing in raising slogans against Sikhs. They break the windows, glass and kill every sikh they find)
The mob enters the marriage hall. Sunidhi's relatives try to stop them, fall in their legs. But no avail. One angry guy pours kerosene all over the marriage hall and lights it. Sunidhi after hearing all the commotion tries to open the door.

But the guy who lit the hall, slaps her and pushes her inside the room. And locks the door from outside. Screams everywhere and people start crying.

Camera shows the marriage hall from top angle. And slowly zooms out. Everywhere there is smoke, blood, glass and bodies and the entire frame gets engulfed in thick smoke and becomes dark.
Scene change. Camera on Sakthi and Narayanan at chennai.
Narayanan is doing some repair to his car, and accidentaly hurts himself.
Narayanan: Ayyo amma. He sucks his finger
Sakthi comes with a paper(telegram) on his hand. His eyes full of tears
Narayanan: Edhukkuda azhare. Idhu chinna vishayam
Sakthi shows the telegram to Narayanan. Reading this Narayanan collapses on the floor
Scene Change
Sakthi and Narayanan sitting in Marina beach.
(Song: Minnale nee vandadhenadi)
Sakthi sings the first stanza. When he sings 'sila naazhigai nee vadhu ponadhu' a breeze blows across his face, his hair recedes a bit back and his eyes in tears.
He sees Priyas face in the sky above and breaks down.
Second Stanza. Narayanan is lying on his bed. Nandita wearing a white saree runs around. Her saree tip brushes his face. He wakes up, but she is not to be seen.
'Kann vizhithu paartha poadhu kalaindha vanname, un kai regai mattum ninaivu chinname'
He sings ' kanneeril thee valarthu kaathirukiren' picks his daughter pooja and goes for a walk around the house
Third Stanza.
Diwali season and crackers all around
Kamal and his son Ajith watch this with a sad face from the window
'paal mazhai kku kaathirukkum boomi illaya. oru pandigai kku kaathirukkum saami illaya'
..to be continued

Cut and Pasted by F e r r a r i at 4:35 AM


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