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Monday, February 07, 2005

Take care people!

*DISCLAIMER. I am not a doctor, nor have attended any course on the topics I am going to discuss below. What I am writing here is purely based on my experience*

Day in and day out, all of us slog and work very hard. Irrespective of the profession and the place where we work. But how many of us really take care of ourselves?

1. Eating at regular intervals.

I know many people who skip lunch, dinner or postpone it, because the work is going on at hectic pace. It shows lack of planning. You very well know what is the lunch time. Cant the work be planned so that you get time for 30 minutes in the afternoon.

Point to note: Does your boss skip lunch? Have you got any brownie points in your career, because you have skipped lunch or dinner and worked?

2. Lack of proper sleep.

I interacted with many people who joined my company, straight from college. They have a feeling that, if they work till 1 AM or 2 AM almost everyday, they get recognition. And people appreciate them. This myth is there in many a people. Even I had this opinion. Nowadays I dont stay unless and until situation demands. Look at this way. Company pays you money for working from 9 to 6 or whatever time. Why should you stay late?

Point to note: A person who comes to office at 9 AM sharp and works till 6.30 PM in evening (with barest minimum of personal calls or mails) is considered as a much efficient and talented person. Bosses will agree with people who slog, that they are hard working. But people who work smart get more benefits. I learnt this the hard way

3. Coming to office while not well.

No one will appreciate that you came to work, even though you are sick. If you do not take care of health, who else will take care of you? Then why does every company allocates some percentage of days under sick leave category?

Point to note: If you can come to office, then it is assumed that your health is good, and you can work. No mercy will be shown.

Take care people! Only you have to take care of yourself. No one else will.

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