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Prabhu n Ferrari
A Ferrari fan, who loves to be called as F e r r a r i
F e r r a r i
A simple chennai guy, living in bangalore. Loves to watch Formula 1 and European Football. Big fan of AR Rehman
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    Thursday, March 10, 2005

    Eventful trip

    My flight was at 10.15 PM, on 1st March. Tuesday. I was cribbing, that I had to travel by Indian Airlines. Anyways I was bit lucky. Due to the heavy rush, I got my ticket upgraded to the business class. First time abroad, and me travelling by Business Class :-) I boarded the flight at around 10 PM.
    Business class seats are too good. So spacious and comfortable.
    After some 5 minutes, one beautiful woman came and sat next to me. She was wearing a saree, and it took some time for me to realise that it was none other than Mallika Sherawat. I did'nt want to over react. So just smiled at her, said hello and kept quiet.

    I could sense many people gape at her. But she handled everything very gracefully.
    Flight reached chennai in no time. But the halt there was for around 45 minutes. Neither of us could sleep, since there was some sort of disturbance.
    I mustered some courage and asked her 'Would you like to exchange the seats?"
    She said "Oh yes. Thank you very much! I was wondering how to ask you"
    (No. While changing places, she didnt fall on me, and her hair did'nt get stuck on my shirt button")
    There was some problem, with the AC. And it was very cold. She covered herself, with her saree pallu. How badly I wanted to take a picture of that. I was wearing a blazer, and I could have offered that to her. But what if I end up with cold and fever. I had an important meeting next day. No risks! But i did help her. I called up the hostess and asked her to provide extra blankets to mallika. Mallika was very glad. She thanked and slowly we started talking. I introduced myself to her, and we were talking generally.
    The flight started from chennai atlast. I was very hungry, since I had forgotten to have my dinner. The hostess brought nice tasty oothappam, vadai and sambar. Mallika was trying to have oothappam with tomato sauce. I asked her to try it with sambar. She liked it I guess, because I didnt see her touching the tomato sauce later on.

    I dozed off to sleep. After sometime I woke up with a start. I heard some strange noise. Mallika was crying. Her whole body was trembling. I didnt show any reaction. Maybe she wanted some privacy! I just switched on my laptop, and started watching some video songs. There was a random playlist, and all of a sudden 'kaho na kaho' from the movie Murder started playing. Mallika saw it, wiped her tears and asked me
    'Can I watch this song for sometime?'
    I was too glad and offered her the laptop. She returned it to me, after the song and told me
    'Thank you. It helped me cheer up. Thanks Prabhu'.

    Thats it. I dozed off to sleep, and when I woke up the flight was about to land in Bangkok. When the flight landed, I said bye to her :-)

    Next days were too hectic, and I actually forgot that I had met Mallika. Friday evening, I came back to the hotel. It was bit humid, and I went to the pool. Had a good time. Felt kinda relaxed and was feeling great. Suddenly, I heard a splash and turned to see. Oh god!!!!! It was mallika again. I couldnt believe my luck.Even she was surprised to see me.It seems, she was also staying in the same hotel. What a coincidence!!!she looked so gorgeous and I was awed by her presence.
    She asked me what happened?
    I told "Actually, I havent seen any glamorous celebrity in a swim suit. That too at 2 meters distance."
    She giggled and asked me 'Oh. Okay. Then shall I change and come in a saree?' and started laughing.

    Then we went back to our respective rooms. I had a nice long bath. I just changed and switched on the TV. Chelsea vs Norwich city match was going on in ESPN. Actually I wanted to roam around Bangkok, but was sort of bored. Didnt feel like moving out of the hotel room.

    Phone started ringing. It was Mallika :-)))))) She wanted to know what I was doing in the evening. I said nothing. She asked me if we can go somewhere. wow. Why is god so nice to me?

    We decided to meet in the lobby in 5 minutes time. I rushed to the lobby. She was there right on time. She was sporting a white top and blue jean. Very little make up, but she was looking lovely.

    She asked me where I wanted to go, since I had never seen Bangkok. I told her that I wanted to visit the Golden Buddha temple. Her eyes moistened!
    'What happened mallika? I said something wrong?"
    She looked at me in the eye and said 'You are the 1st person to ask me to come to a temple. Everyone else says come to hotel, nightclub etc etc. Thanks Prabhu. It feels great!"

    We went to the tempple and had a great time. She told me about her childhood, and how much of a trouble she had. She told about her friends, the way people look at her etc etc!

    Then we went for dinner. By mistake we entered a sushi(japanese) restaurant. God. The food was so different, and I just could not have it. But ambience was very good. Would anyone believe if I said that I had candle light dinner with Mallika Sherawat?? I took some snaps along with her. Memories of life time :-D

    We came out of the restaurant very hungry. Luckily we found a MacD near the Sala Dieng station. Had a burger each and felt much better. Time was around 9.30 PM. We went around the Silom road. It was so crowded, and we both were holding each others hands while walking down the road. We did little bit of shopping.
    Time flew away and it was around 1 A.M. I didnt feel like talking anything. Neither did she. She just rested her head on my shoulder, and were holding each others hands.
    The taxi reached the hotel by around 2 A.M.
    And then...

    To be continued :-D
    Cut and Pasted by F e r r a r i at 12:45 AM


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