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F e r r a r i
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    Thursday, December 02, 2004

    Government Establishments!

    People always crib about government establishments and services. But they really do need a pat on the back when they are doing a good job as well

    I am really impressed with this Bangalore Telecom site. There is a section called as directory listing which is an exact replica of telephone directory. Now someone from Chennai, neednt ask me to check out the phone number and address of a bangalore company or person. Does chennai telecom have such a section? Can anyone give me the link please?

    And tracking your train option @ Southern Railways is very useful. If my folks are coming from chennai by brindavan, I can plan when to leave from office to receive them. No need of calling up 132 or 133 and listen to recorded information. At present this service is there only in Southern Railway Jurisdiction and is not yet implemented in South Western Railways. Hope it is done fast, with bangalore being the station with maximum passenger traffic!

    And PF department is issuing an account no to everyone. In that way, you dont need to wait for ages to transfer your PF account from one company to other when you switch. They had come to my organisation and taken photographs of employees, and gave a temporary card as well :-)

    Way to go guys!!

    In case you are interested in knowing the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India) please visit this site . These guys regularly update the site and lots of useful information is available.

    And people who are new to bangalore. It takes very long to get a new gas connection these days. Some agencies are not even ready to accept the bookings. So watch out.

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