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Prabhu n Ferrari
A Ferrari fan, who loves to be called as F e r r a r i
F e r r a r i
A simple chennai guy, living in bangalore. Loves to watch Formula 1 and European Football. Big fan of AR Rehman
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    Sunday, November 28, 2004

    Weekend Round up

    Every Sunday I get this weird feeling at around 6 PM, the thought of getting to work next day. I have observed that I feel like this every weekend irrespective of where I have been working.
    Anyone else shares the same feeling?

    Ferrari are delaying the launch of 2005 Race car. Very similar to the successful tactic they employed in 2002. To know more about it click here

    Not a good weekend for Gunners fans in EPL. Chelsea stretched their lead to 5 points over Arsenal. ManYoo upping their place and breathing down the neck of Arsenal at 4th place. Nice to see Steven Gerrard back!

    Yesterday evening in KTV, they were showing some 5 to 6 songs of KamalHassan completely. Nayagan, Hey Ram, Guru etc. Amazing to see different Kamal and different facial expressions. Will keep updating info on 'Mumbai Express'.

    Nice to see a new cinema hall at Forum PVR Cinema. But the prices are too high
    For e.g in gold class, you have to pay 500 rs per seat. Can you imagine paying 500 rs for a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay it includes booze and food. But still 500 Rs for a movie???????????.
    What if the movie turns out to be like naach? My friend says antara mali looks like a "rehabilitating ostrich trying to mate".

    Cut and Pasted by F e r r a r i at 11:33 PM


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