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    Wednesday, December 01, 2004

    Adnan Sami and other remix(???) videos


    Did you check out the recent music video's of Adnan Sami. One song with Amisha Patel, one song with Bhoomika. With due respect to adnan, I think its high time he realises that he is a singer and not a model :-(
    You lose the pleasure of the song, by looking at the picturisation.
    For that matter I always had a feeling that Adnan's songs are worst picturised. Do you remember the picturisation of the song "Kabhi to nazar milao?" Amazing song, but you end up seeing the terrific chemistry between Aditi and Salil Ankola( Remember, the famous 12th man and drinks boy of Indian Cricket). When Aditi has to show expressions, Salil expresses it and When he has to express, she expresses :-(

    Talking of hindi music video's have you guys seen the songs 'Chod do Anchal Zamana kya kahega','Neele Neele ambar','Hai re tera gungta'. Wow amazing!!
    A girl will be wearing a micro mini shorts and some skimpy top, and be singing 'Chod do Anchal'. Where is 'Anchal' in the first place?
    And in 'Neele Neele ambar' song, the lead pair will be happily dancing under red lights for 'Neele Neele ambar'.
    In that 'gungta' song the lady will be having an hair style of an octopus. Where is the Gungta?

    Forgive me for trying to see logic! But atleast basic things can be maintained

    On the same note, something Kamalhassan said during his interview was interesting. He says there should be no songs in Tamil movies. Instead there should be lots of Music Videos and he would also like to contribute to the same. How nice it would be?

    Cut and Pasted by F e r r a r i at 12:31 AM


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