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A Ferrari fan, who loves to be called as F e r r a r i
F e r r a r i
A simple chennai guy, living in bangalore. Loves to watch Formula 1 and European Football. Big fan of AR Rehman
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    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Encounter-K Balachandar Climax

    Read Encounter first
    Ok. Here goes the first of climax series :-p

    Foreword: Be very careful, when you read this. If you get confused on the relationship between every character, I am not responsible :-D

    K Balachandar Climax

    Anand is shell shocked with what Sarika had just said. He goes and sits quietly near the lake. The place is bit crowded. There are vendors selling fruits and other eatables. Small children running here and there, couples holding hands and walking by etc etc. Suddenly someone places his hand over Anand's shoulder. Anand turns and is surprised to see his dad. Anand tells what had happened to his dad. his dad looks so serious and tells Anand its not possible. He says 'Anand. There is a secret, that I havent told anyone in this earth' and continues 'Twenty five years back, I was in Rajasthan for a field work. Since you and your younger sister were very young, your mom did not come with me. I stayed alone. And thats when I met Aparna. She was a maid at my house. One night, whatever should not happen, happened. And after 9 months, Aparna delivered a girl child. And that girl child is Sarika. Sarika's parents now have adopted her. She is not their child. After leaving Rajasthan, I have been trying to trace her for past few years. Your mom knows about it. I wanted to see Sarika atleast once before I die. Sarika is your sister son!'
    Anand says 'Dad. I just cant believe whats happening to me. So much in a day, and I cant take it!!'
    Anands dad says, there is more son. When I was in Rajashtan, your mom was very lonely here. And on one rainy night, you were crying due to fever. She ran to the medical shop to get a medicine for you. At that time, the medical shop chemist raped her and she got a son due to that. That son is none other than Rahul!!!
    He turns and calls 'Mallika. Come here'.
    Mallika draped in a blacksaree arrives at the scene. Anands dad says 'You said no to Mallika and stopped talking to her. She came all the way to Delhi to see if I recovered from heart attack. All this happened when you were in Germany and I had promised Mallika I wont tell you. Mallika had married one guy from chennai, and on the same day of her wedding her husband ran away. And that guy is none other than Rahul'.
    Anand looks at mallika. She runs towards him, cries and hugs him. Anands dad says 'I think you should marry her'.
    At that moment Rahul arrives, with a band aid on his head. He is in tears. He says 'Mallika forgive me. I was a fool to have ditched you. After we got married, I thought I will convince my parents. that didnt happen and I married Sarika. But I have not been a good husband. I met with an accident now and it was Sarika who saved me. I think I will go back to her, fall in her legs and ask her to be with me always'.
    After this, Anand and Mallika marry each other, Rahul and Sarika live happily. And the servant maid Aparna joins Anands dad, with the permission of Anands mom. All ends well and everyone happily lived thereafter!!!

    Afterword: So the encounter between everyone ended out to be a good one in the end ;-) I know logically Sarika and Rahul are brother and sister. But Balachandar movie :-D You should ignore such things :-p
    Cut and Pasted by F e r r a r i at 1:04 AM


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