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Prabhu n Ferrari
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Saturday, December 18, 2004

It happens only in bangalore

Have you ever heard of traffic signal on top of a flyover?

Have you ever heard of 6 roads separating from a junction?

Have you ever heard of a city where most of the roads are one-ways and the very few normal roads are called as double(!!!!!) roads???

Welcome to bangalore folks.

There are two busy roads here. Residency road and Richmond Road. Initially the roads are parallel to each other, then they become perpendicular and then converge. All within 2 kms.

There is a flyover atop these roads. The flyover is of the shape X. And you know what. From last week. Two traffic policemen stand in the midst of the flyover and divert the traffic. No this is not an onetime activity. They are there all times. And one side of the X of the flyover is left unused. Amazing aint it? You should see it to believe it. Next time, I will surely take a pic of it and post it

There is a place called South End Circle near Jayanagar. Six roads separate from that place. If someone is coming to bangalore for the first time, please do not go alone. You will sure get lost.

The major difference between bangalore and other cities is this. In other cities you go by one road and most of the times come back by same road and on rare occassions by different road. Whereas in bangalore you go by some road and very very very very very rarely come back by the same road.

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