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A Ferrari fan, who loves to be called as F e r r a r i
F e r r a r i
A simple chennai guy, living in bangalore. Loves to watch Formula 1 and European Football. Big fan of AR Rehman
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    Friday, May 06, 2005

    Thank you

    My Dear Blog Readers,

    Thanks for your wonderful support, that my blog is reaching around 20K hits (pssst. I myself would have contributed for 1500, but what the heck). I wanted to write something, and dedicate it to everyone of you.

    I thought I will write about Crush. This is one topic, which is universal and that spreads across borders, lines of control edjatra edjatra. I think almost everyone in life would have had atleast one crush sometime or other in their lifetime.

    Dedicated to all of our past, present and future crushes :-)

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    I was in 6th class. There was this girl SLD in my class. She used to sit diagonally opposite me. And she used to sit next to my friend Murali. Next to me was Murali's crush RJ :-D I always used to goto Murali's desk for some doubts and vice versa. My class teacher applauded us saying that we were proceeding in right direction. This is how friends should help each other in studies. That will bring the best out of me etc etc. And you know what she did? She interchanged places so that murali and me sat next to each other :-( I dont exactly remember what happened after that. But somehow I lost interest in her. Enakku nenavu therinaj naaL la irundhu SLD dhaan ennoda first crush


    Miss S joined our school and she was our chemistry teacher. I think there was some special chemistry between us. I was the first one to question her on something about elements, and immediately she asked me to shift to the first bench. She was my class teacher as well. From then on, I had a major crush on her. Especially her eyelashes. Wow. I came to know she stayed close to my house. We used to start at same time in evening, and I used to push my bicycle and walk with her. She even came to my house once for that Navratri golu :-D I was heartbroken when got married the next year!!! Ippo nenachalum sirippaa varadhu


    This time I had a crush on my junior J. She had an amazing voice. That was the year 'Roja' released and she sang the song 'Chinna Chinna Aasai' in our school culturals. Not just me. Many of my classmates had a big crush on her. But I was lucky. My maths teacher used to call us home for IIT training. Actually IIT training started in 11th class itself and it was a 2 year training course. So many times, the classes were combined. He used to give us an exercise and teach the 11th students something and vice versa. I was the favorite student of my maths teacher Mr Suresh Kumar. And many times I used to teach the juniors. Needless to say I started talking to J. But the moment I started talking to her, I lost interest in her. No idea why. Ava innoru payyana sight adikaraa appadinu theriya vandadhu vera vishyam


    This was my second year in college. And I had enrolled for this GNIIT program @ NIIT. I was studying at Nungambakkam NIIT. 33/1 NH Road. Wow. It was a great time. In my batch there were around 30 people. And of 30, 20 were girls. We had a wonderful time. Most of the days, we used to bunk college and sit at NIIT only. Woodlands Drive-in was our favorite place. Everyday went there as a group. Eevryday one girl with me on bike. Too good. Girls from Ethiraj, Stella Maris, Queen Maris etc! Thats when I realised I can have multiple crushes at same time ;-)
    Pasiyai marandhom peNNai kaNdu kavalai maRandhom peNNai kaNdu kavidhai maRandhom peNNai kaNdu. kallooori saaalai


    I joined MCA in DG Vaishnav. For COBOL there was a teacher called R. First day she came in a black saree and we all were bowled over *drool drool*. Once again I became the favorite student and after some stage, I even told her about my crush. She has become a very good friend now. Rather I would say Friend, Philosopher and Guide. Even now I tease her with that black saree :-p Nyabagam varudhe nyabagam varudhe


    I joined LnT Mumbai. Oh my god! What a time I had in Mumbai. I had been to mumbai many times during my childhood. But this time, I was bowled over by the beauties. Let it be railway station, bus stand, airport, market. Wherever I went there were girls girls girls. But too much of anything is not good. I dont remember any single crush in Mumbai :( Before I get to ogle at someone, someone else will pass by. Then I will be confused :-D Ore gujaals dhaan


    Pune. The best time of my bachelor life till date. Every weekend we(I had many friends) used to go for picnic. Let it be Mulshi, Sinhagad, Lonavla, Khandala, Loahagad etc etc. Thats when I met N. She was the heart throb of our pune office. I would say crush on N is the best I have had till date. I didnt make any effort to talk to her. For some 1 month or so, I just used to breakfast, lunch at the same time she did :-D Many times, we were in same group because of common friends. Then eventually we started talking and as usual I got to know she was engaged :-( Sigh!!!!Engirundhaalum vaazhgha


    The latest crush. This is for a month or so. Everyday I take a break for tea at 11 AM and 4 PM. Most of us do so. Thats when I saw this cute girl near the parking lot. Later I found her name to be S. She knows I ogle at her. And this was told to me by a common friend. Thats the reason for the Sixth Sense blog. And this S and the keyboard dancer are thick friends. I dont know when this bubble will burst, but till then its fun! Hey kuruvi. sittu kuruvi

    Ok. This has become a very long post. Now time for climax and some gyan :-)

    I have always felt that having crush is a great fun. No emotional attachment. I just like the beauty of the person. Starts there and ends there. And if it remains within this boundary it is fun. But once I start talking, that thrill goes away. Aaaha inba nilavinile oho jagame aadidudhe vilayadidudhe

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