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    Monday, May 16, 2005

    Kinks of India

    I didnt know how to name this post. But I think I have named it better than TOI, for this article

    This is a real life incident and the crux of the story is as below

    "The unconscious exposure of body of a lady teacher during teaching could be an object of amusement for male students inside a classroom," observes Dr K C Satapathy, principal of DAV Public School at Chandrasekharpur here.

    "Disturbed over its effects, the school has decided to make all teachers, irrespective of gender, wear an apron while teaching from the coming academic session. "

    And guess whats the title of the article? Aprons for Exposing Teachers

    No one can beat TOI when it comes to making even a simple stuff sound corny or kinky. And imagine their euphoria when it comes to reporting stuff like these.

    Some more excerpts from the article I found damn hilarious are..
    "Another benefit of using aprons, according to the school authorities, is that the teachers can save themselves form chalk dust. "

    This is the best one

    "The common dress system will also help curb competition among lady teachers for wearing costly sarees and garments, he argued."

    Now let me come to the first 2 paragraphs of the article.

    "Remember young Rishi Kapoor in Mera Naam Joker peeping at a sexy Simi Garewal emerging from behind the bushes after taking a bath.

    The scene is certainly part of Bollywood folklore. And, if a principal of a city-based school is to be believed, such sensuous scenes could take place even inside a classroom."

    God Save TOI Readers!

    P.S. I fail to understand, why I was reminded of Little johnny when I read this article ;-)

    Cut and Pasted by F e r r a r i at 7:45 PM


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