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Prabhu n Ferrari
A Ferrari fan, who loves to be called as F e r r a r i
F e r r a r i
A simple chennai guy, living in bangalore. Loves to watch Formula 1 and European Football. Big fan of AR Rehman
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    Thursday, May 12, 2005


    I get wild ideas, when I am busy at work and there is a deadline.
    For instance, right now I was thinking about my latest crush S.

    Dont let your imagination run wild. Read on!

    Here goes my fantasy.

    I was busy working. Around 9 PM types. Suddenly a voice 'Excuse me'. I turn around and find my crush standing. She doesnt have the access card it seems (In our company you need access card to enter into every floor) and wants to get out. I didnt say anything and just smiled. Took her till the door, open the door for her and smiled. She said Thanks. I replied saying 'People call me Prabhu'. She said 'I am S'. We shook hands and then I bid her bye. Came back to my work place. Find a mail from client that their servers will be down for next 12 hours, due to some urgent maintenance. No work! Hurrayyyyyyyyyyy. I shut down my system and get out of office.

    My thoughts still on S :-)

    Sollamal thottu sellum thendral
    en kaadhal devadhayin kaNgaL
    Nenjathil kotti chellum minnal
    kaNNoaram minnum aval kaadhal
    oru naaLaikkuLLe mella mella
    un mounam ennai kolla
    indha kaadhalinaal kaatril parakkum kaagidham aanen

    I start my bike, and get out of the building. I find my crush standing near the bus stop, waiting for bus. Its pretty late. I stop, ask her if she needs a lift. It took some effort to tell this with a straight face.

    oh kaadhalin avasthai edhirukkum vendaam naraga sugam allava

    neruppai vizhungi vitten oh amilam arundhi vitten
    noyaai nenjil nee nuzhaindhaai
    marundhai yenadi thara maRandhaai
    vaalibathin solayile ragasyiamai poo paRithavaL nee dhaane

    Without any hesitation, she agrees and sits behind. She stays at koramangala it seems and it was near my way home. Some 7 to 8 kms from office. Unlike a madras auto driver I take the shortest possible route to reach Koramangala. And while talking to her and at same time riding, I missed noticing a pothole. Thud!!! Luckily we didnt fall, and I retained balance. And in this commotion, she held my shoulder for support.

    pengaLin uLLam padukuzhi enben
    vizhundhu ezhundhavan yaar
    aaLam aLandhavan yaar
    karaiyai kadandhavan yaar

    We reach Koramangala, and she asks me to stop near this 'New Shanti Sagar'. She thanks me once again. I said bye and when I was about to leave, she asks me 'Prabhu. Dinner?'. I smiled and parked my bike. We entered the restaurant. She ordered for Samosa, and I butter masala dosa. I asked her why she is having just samosas for dinner. She replied saying, she had heavy snacks in evening and wasnt very hungry. She was very cute and even the way she had samosa was very cute. Tissue paper in left hand, she used to wipe her lips after every bite and then wet her lips. Cute!

    kaadhal irukkum bayathinil dhaan
    kadavuL bhoomikku varuvadhillai
    meeri avan bhoomi vandhaal
    dhadiyudan dhaan alaivaan veedhiyile

    Post dinner, I dropped her at home. Before saying bye, I asked
    'S. Breakfast?'. She was taken by surprise. It took some time for her to understand what I hinted ;-) Then she gave a big smile and said. 'Ok. 7.45 tomorrow morning. @ Shanti Sagar'

    End of fantasy :-D

    Hmmmm. Ninaipadhellam nadandhu vitaal deivam yaedhum illai(If everything you think happens, then there is no god!) :-p

    Cut and Pasted by F e r r a r i at 8:13 AM


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