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F e r r a r i
A simple chennai guy, living in bangalore. Loves to watch Formula 1 and European Football. Big fan of AR Rehman
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    Friday, April 29, 2005


    There is one(of many) cute girl in my office. One of my friends workplace is close to her workplace. Today when I went to meet my friend, I observed something very interesting.
    The way she was typing. Somehow while watching her fingers hit the keyboard in a rhythmic manner, I felt that she was(or is) a dancer.

    Most of the keyboards these days are very good. You dont need to bang the keys. A soft touch will do the trick. But still old habits die hard. I still see people banging the keys like crazy!

    But this girl. Aaha. Slender sleek swift movements. Best was, when she wanted to type the *. I always press the right shift button and then the number 8(using my left hand). This girl, first pressed the shift key using her left thumb and the hand circled in clockwise motion, and using the left middle finger pressed the 8 key.

    Kavidhai kavidhai!

    P.S. I asked one of my friends to act as a model and re-do the same so that I can take a pic of it. But ava callsheet kodukka maatten poada sollittaa :-(

    P.P.S. Listening to 'Oh kumaari srungaari' from Anniyan. Getting wild ideas for this song picturisation ;-)
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    Thursday, April 28, 2005

    Blogger Meet Summaries

    Ramya the celeb journo from THE HINDU, is coming up with an article on blogger meets
    The maximum info she has received is from chennai blogger meets only.

    Blogger pals from other cities, please do visit her blog and let her know of the blogger meets you have attended. To make things simple, she has some specific set of questions. Do answer them

    Psst. Chances of your name(and the blog URL) appearing in THE HINDU are very high. Thats the carrot(as she says).
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    Anniyan songs from a lyrical point of view.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    This is one of the most contrasting Vairamuthu album I have ever heard. 2 songs are top class, and remaining 3 are pathetic! Someone please tell me that Vairamuthu has penned the lyrics for only 2 songs. I will be happy :-)

    For full review Click here!

    oh sukumaari

    Nice lyrics and excellent pronounciation by Shankar Mahadevan.
    A song where only tamil is used. Vaeru mozhi kalappu illai
    (Forget the crazy noises that HJ introduces in between)

    oh sukumaari oh srungari
    oh sukumaari yeh alangaari nee
    oh sukumaari oh srungari eh kumaari nee
    kumaari en kaadhal sikki mukki thikkirukudhu kumaari
    en nenju vimmi vimmi pammi niRkudhu kumaari
    en vaarthai kadal vatri vittadhe
    naan thoatru poven endru anjiye
    en thervai ellam othi vaikkiren

    Excellent Imagination

    en manam oru malaradi
    malarukkul adithadi

    indha kaadhal enna verum baarama
    idhu veru kaalam illa garbama
    oh!! kaadhalai maRaithaal ganam thaangamal
    en uyir sethu poagum illaya
    kaadhalai solli illai endru maRuthaal
    kaadhale sethu poagum illaya

    Rating 4/5

    Iyengar veetu azhaghe

    It starts with the carnatic song 'Jagadho dhaara'
    After that the lyrics are in chaste tamil. No english words used, and no slang tamil words as well. This is my pick.
    Nalla tamizh paatu kaetta trupthi kedachudhu!
    But somehow I felt, Iyengar aathu azhaghe would have been more apt :-)

    Iyengar veetu azhaghe
    un poala azhaghi piRakkavum illai
    inimel piRandhaal adhu nam piLLai
    un poal chamathu ulaginil illai
    kadhalan chamathu kaadhalil thollai
    aRiyaaamai dhaan ingu perinbam anbe
    kaadhalin vaguppil maaNavan dhaan paNdidhane

    I liked this part in 1st stanza. Good choice of simple words and it is rhyming also.

    magarandha podigaLai eduthu
    adhil manjaL thangam konjam ittu idithu
    thirukannam engum suNNam poosi vannam seidhaano
    oru koadi pookkaL konDu jodi pookkaL seidhaano
    un udhadu serndhaal poopadyaum vaarthai
    nammudhadu serndhaal poopadayum vaazhkai
    aLLi serthen undhan uyirukkuL anumadhi oru muRai

    Subtle hint of sensual stuff in last stanza. Vairamuthu at his poetic best!

    vaan mazhayil nanaindhaal payirgaL uruvaagum
    aaN mazhayil nanaindhaal uyirgaL uruvaaagum
    thayangaadhe thodangattum azhagiya thavaRugaL

    Rating of 4.5/5

    I think after thinking so much for the above 2 songs vairamuthuvin 'vaarthai kadal vatRi vittadho?'


    Sounds like a folk song. Starting varNaNai ellam nalla dhaan irukku.
    But somehow, I didnt like the way the singers have sung it

    andankaaakka konDai kaari
    achuvella thonda kaari
    ayyarettu pallu kaari
    ayira meenu kaNNU kaari
    pooval oru kodu poatta saiva kaatu vettakaari

    And the quality deteriorates as the song progresses
    Sounds like Item number lyrics

    kadhal pachoandhi
    raavil poochaNdi
    pachchai thanniyil otha paarvayil paththa vechaaNdi
    dhe..thanni kudithaaNdi
    un dhaavaNi thottendi
    muththathaale vervai ellam suththam seyyendi

    and stoops to rock bottom like this

    hey chee po endryu eval seivaayo
    aa oh hmm endre koova seyvaayo
    inji morappaa iduppa paathu kasangi ponen di
    eera udhattil soodu parappi isthiri poaden di

    Remaining part of lyrics not worth mentioning!!!!

    Rating 2.5/5

    kaadhal yaanai

    kaadhal yaanai varugira remo(or nemo??)
    muththam thandha idathil muttum remo
    ramp up remo ??????????????

    algrebra ivan dhaegam
    amoeba vaaga maarum
    kong cobra ivan dhaegam
    queen ellam thadumaarum

    most of the song has some crap lyrics like this.
    I will give it a rating of 1.5/5

    kaNNum kaNNum nokia

    Having english words in tamil songs is ok. Like 'Oh Maria Oh Maria' or 'April Mayile pasumaye illai'. In fact the lyrics of those songs were different and were throughly enjoyable. I think is the worst ever song written by vairamuthu

    In this song, I think just for the tunes randomly some english words are used.
    Rasgullah is good. Vatha kozhambu is good. But vatha kozhambu saadathukku rasgullah thottundu saapda mudiyuma?

    kaNNum kaNNum nokia
    nee koLLai kollum mafia
    capuchino coffee aa
    sophi yaaa

    And in second stanza, literally pathetic lyrics. Oru 1 1/2 yeard old kid thathu bithunu pesara madhiri irukku.
    If the music had been good, they could have better had it as an instrumental.

    kadhalar dhinathil piRandhen
    kaNgalai pidithu nadandhen
    un idhayathil idaRi vizhundhen
    kaadhalin pugaipadam idhile
    hollywood movie yum idhile
    america varai padam idhile

    I think the vairamuthu was watching national geographic, then CNBC then SunTV while penning the lyrics.

    apple laptop peNNe
    madiyil vaithu unne
    viralgal theya konji
    naan rasipaene
    ennai octopus viralgalal surutti vittaai
    oru atom bomb uyirukkul urutti vittaai

    Thankfully HJ has composed the music in such a way, that it is heard to grasp the lyrics :-p
    Rating -1/5

    Overall rating. I will give 3.5/5 Just for the sukumaari and iyengar songs.

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    Wednesday, April 27, 2005


    Yesterday evening heavy rains lashed bangalore city

    And todays lunch table discussion @ office was about rain :-) Not the seasonal rains during monsoon but the unexpected rains during summer!
    Read More!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Some people said, they felt very gloomy and down on rainy days. They said they didnt feel like working and no inspiration
    Some said, roads are bad. Traffic jams, clothes dont dry. Cant go out etc etc

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Most of the people said they feel very romantic. Ideal for a light dinner, romancing with better-half/girl friend etc etc

    I dont know what rain has to do with romance

    My team mates(everyone in my team except me are married :-D) leave office dot on time, on the days of rain ;-)

    One of my friend proposed to his girl, @ marine drive mumbai when it was raining!! They are happily married and have a 16 month old son. Thats a different story :-)


    For me it is fun. I love playing in rain.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    I cant dance in middle of the road like this guy:-( It happens only in movies. But I found a better alternative. I love taking my bike and going on a ride when its raining. First few minutes, I get completely wet. Then its lovely. Cant drive the bike fast and visibility is also poor. My helmet has a dark glass and I need to keep it half open for the visibility. Dont get much road grip because of the wet surface. True. It is a bit tough riding in these conditions, but still the thrill is amazing. Especially the feeling when I stop the bike in between for signals. I dont know how to call it. It is something in between goosepimples and shivering. wow. Its fun. Somehow I feel that it shakes off all the laziness in me.

    It is fun to watch small kids with colorful raincoats walking in rain. And it amuses me the way people ride the 2 wheelers.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Some dare devils tie some polythene on their head and ride their bikes like crazy. Some KD kaN1000s wear rain suits like neil armstrong and ride at 20 km speed.

    And I am reminded of my days in Kothrud, Pune. I had a suzuki samurai.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    I used to go in either the mulshi road or sinhagad road. Stop somewhere in the middle, have garma garam vada pav and tea :-) and continue with my journey. It was great and an amazing stress reliever!

    Afterwards reach home, change and watch the rain from balcony!!!
    I miss pune :-((

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    Tuesday, April 26, 2005


    Thalaivi thalaivanai pirindhu vaadugindraaL. Aval irukkum nilayai 'Pasalai Noi' endru periyoargaL kooRuvar (ubayam: aga400)
    Thalaivan thalaiviyai pirindhu vaadugindra pozhudhu, avanudaya mananilaikku edavadhu peyar uLLadha??

    Hindiyil tanhayee endru kooRuvaargaL. tamizhil adhaRkku enna peyaro?
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    Sunday, April 24, 2005

    Who feels more cold?

    Or who feels the absence of heat more. Whatever way you put it. When I was studying at NIIT, or working I have always seen girls complain when the AC effect is more. And they say guys have buffalo skin and hence dont feel the cold. And blah blah blah. So I was under the impression that girls feel more cold than guys.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    But if you have been watching tamil movies(or for that matter any indian movie), you will see that it is wrong. Almost 1 in 10 songs is shot in cold places like switzerland or new zealand. But the hero will be wearing jean, t shirt, pullover, jacket and what not. But the heroine will be wearing very less dress and parts of her err.. body will be visible as well. Wont they feel cold?

    I remember one song from the movie velaikaraan, where thalaivar will be well dressed and dancing in kashmir along with amala. poor amala, she will be wearing that bharatanatyam saree and dancing bare footed(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Hmmm. I wonder!!
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    Friday, April 22, 2005


    How much this word is misleading? I got a mail from one of my old pals with the subject as Invitation. Its been almost 2 years since I spoke to her. I was expecting it to be her wedding invitation and opened the mail. And the mail was an Invitation to join her friends network of Hi5.

    Ada che!
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    Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    Shopping and Color blindness

    Today morning, I was listening to Radio city. The RJ Vasanthi was asking the listeners, about shopping. And whoever called, Vasanthi was asking them what was the most essential thing for shopping. You know what were the responses? 'Patience', 'Bargaining Skills', 'Time Management(???)' etc. Till date I was thinking money is the thing that is required for shopping!!
    RJ didnt stop there. She was referring to some places in chickpet and commercial street, which are good for shopping. I really pity the husbands of the wives who were listening to the show in the morning :-D

    Shopping reminded me of my Pune days. In Pune my office was bang opposite 'Shoppers Stop'. There was this cafeteria there where they served delicious pasta and other stuff. Most of the days, I used to go there along with my friends for lunch. One day, my friend wanted to check on some pink tops. We went along with her to the ladies section. I found a nice pink top and asked her if she liked it. She turned looked at the top, and then shouted 'Is this Pink. You call this Pink? Are you color blind? This is baby pink'.
    I was like 'Oh ok. Better to keep mouth shut'. I quietly asked to another friend wasnt that color pink. He also felt it was pink. Anyways, thats when I realised men are color blind when it comes to shopping. The extent to which women look for that RGB combination when it comes to dresses. Hmmmmm. Interesting when you are watching from a distance :-D
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    Monday, April 18, 2005

    Ping please

    Blogger pals. Whenever you post something on your blog, please ping.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    In that way, it is easier to note that your blog has been updated.

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    Sunday, April 17, 2005


    I had been to Hogenakal water falls this weekend. It was just 150 kms fromm bangalore, so we could cover the entire thing in a day.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Click here for the full post

    Click on
    We started very early in the morning. Could catch a glimpse of sunrise near Hosur. It was wonderful.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    This is the view from the hanging bridge. River cauvery, flowing in between these rocks. Some places it is as narrow as 10 metres and in some places as wide as 1 km.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    There was this hanging bridge, atop the river. You need to pay an entry fee of 3 rs per head, and 20 rs for a digital camera.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    There were around 12 waterfalls like this
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    and this.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    This was the boat, in which we went. In tamil it is called as a parisal. (Coracle in english if I am not wrong.)
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    This was the place where the song 'chinna chinnai aasai' from Roja was taken.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    It was very very hot, but still the boat ride was great fun. Water was for around 35 feet deep :-D and I didnt know swimming ;-)
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    This waterfall was too good. I couldnt take pictures, as went closer since I was worried about my camera.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    The water looks green and dirty because of the rocks and greenery around it seems. But it was not stinking and was very very clean. Appearance is really deceptive
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    This photo is for magix. I saw a doggy literally cooling its heels ;-)
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    And one more. This fellow was so tired, he went into a deep sleep.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    There was a cave in the middle. It looked lovely
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    I tried a bit of rock climbing as well. One slip and there I go, into water.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Mobile shop for snacks and cool drinks
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    This is the deadliest thing in hogenakal. All along, you will find kids from age of 3 to 5 standing atop the hill. They will jump from 20 feet high staright into the water, if you are ready to pay 5 rs. If you are interested, tell the boatman and he will signal to the kids. My god. What a risk they are taking :-( And i stopped my team mates from doing so. But couldnt stop the people from other boat asking the kids. Here is a snap of the kid jumping from the hill.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    I found a pic of captain vijayakanth and took a snap. he he
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    There was a crocodile park nearby. Around 150 crocodiles were there. All looked deadly.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    So thats it folks. A trip from sunrise to sunset :-) There are many more wonderful sceneries that I could not capture with my camera. I was wet most of the times, since I took bath in atleast 3 to 4 waterfalls. And in some places, we were so close to the water, I didnt want to take risk of spoiling my camera.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    If you are planning to go here call up 04342- 25644 and ask for Suresh(Boatman). This guy is very very good. Tell him my name and he will help you.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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    Thursday, April 14, 2005


    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    I really wonder why girls wear payal(golusu). True. That jal jal sound is supposed to be considered traditional. And in weddings and all they wear(or sport) it etc etc. Fine. Agreed!

    But is it absolutely necessary to wear that in office??? It really distracts when you are busily working. I was discussing this Version Management with my team mate, and in the background this jal jal. It was tough to control the laughter too :-( Not just me. I observed the facial reaction of many people in our floor.

    Girls/Ladies who ever is reading this. Take it as request. Wearing payal/golusu in office doesnt really impress a guy(Atleast me. he he)

    Sanga kaalathula thalaivi thoattathula maan kooda thulli vilayaduvaanga. Appo avanga golusu podara saththam thalaivan kku innisaya irundadhu. Udane thalaivar andha golusu background music kku padayappa rajni madhiri paaduvaaru. Neelambari madhiri thalaivi aaduvaanga. Thalaivar poattila win panniduvaaru. Appuram oodal. oodal pin koodal. Ellam seri. But adhu andha kaalam. Time maaridchu.

    Enakku oru pazhamozhi dhaan nyabagam varadhu. Yaanai varum pinne maNi osai varum munne.
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    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    puththandu nalvaazhthukkaL

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    For people who cant comprehend what it means, it is my wish to fellow tamilians on our new year!
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    What is the right name for the instrument that is used for pressing clothes(Isthiri)?

    Is it iron(some pronounce it as i-run) box?
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    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Encounter-K Balachandar Climax

    Read Encounter first
    Ok. Here goes the first of climax series :-p

    Foreword: Be very careful, when you read this. If you get confused on the relationship between every character, I am not responsible :-D

    K Balachandar Climax

    Anand is shell shocked with what Sarika had just said. He goes and sits quietly near the lake. The place is bit crowded. There are vendors selling fruits and other eatables. Small children running here and there, couples holding hands and walking by etc etc. Suddenly someone places his hand over Anand's shoulder. Anand turns and is surprised to see his dad. Anand tells what had happened to his dad. his dad looks so serious and tells Anand its not possible. He says 'Anand. There is a secret, that I havent told anyone in this earth' and continues 'Twenty five years back, I was in Rajasthan for a field work. Since you and your younger sister were very young, your mom did not come with me. I stayed alone. And thats when I met Aparna. She was a maid at my house. One night, whatever should not happen, happened. And after 9 months, Aparna delivered a girl child. And that girl child is Sarika. Sarika's parents now have adopted her. She is not their child. After leaving Rajasthan, I have been trying to trace her for past few years. Your mom knows about it. I wanted to see Sarika atleast once before I die. Sarika is your sister son!'
    Anand says 'Dad. I just cant believe whats happening to me. So much in a day, and I cant take it!!'
    Anands dad says, there is more son. When I was in Rajashtan, your mom was very lonely here. And on one rainy night, you were crying due to fever. She ran to the medical shop to get a medicine for you. At that time, the medical shop chemist raped her and she got a son due to that. That son is none other than Rahul!!!
    He turns and calls 'Mallika. Come here'.
    Mallika draped in a blacksaree arrives at the scene. Anands dad says 'You said no to Mallika and stopped talking to her. She came all the way to Delhi to see if I recovered from heart attack. All this happened when you were in Germany and I had promised Mallika I wont tell you. Mallika had married one guy from chennai, and on the same day of her wedding her husband ran away. And that guy is none other than Rahul'.
    Anand looks at mallika. She runs towards him, cries and hugs him. Anands dad says 'I think you should marry her'.
    At that moment Rahul arrives, with a band aid on his head. He is in tears. He says 'Mallika forgive me. I was a fool to have ditched you. After we got married, I thought I will convince my parents. that didnt happen and I married Sarika. But I have not been a good husband. I met with an accident now and it was Sarika who saved me. I think I will go back to her, fall in her legs and ask her to be with me always'.
    After this, Anand and Mallika marry each other, Rahul and Sarika live happily. And the servant maid Aparna joins Anands dad, with the permission of Anands mom. All ends well and everyone happily lived thereafter!!!

    Afterword: So the encounter between everyone ended out to be a good one in the end ;-) I know logically Sarika and Rahul are brother and sister. But Balachandar movie :-D You should ignore such things :-p
    Cut and Pasted by F e r r a r i at 1:04 AM

    Monday, April 11, 2005


    Nov 1999

    Anand a sentimental and emotional guy joined Lala & Lala Infotech Mumbai. It was his first job. There were some 60 odd people, who joined with him. All from different parts of the country. Anand was slowly getting used to the fast placed life of Mumbai. He was missing his friends and family very badly. Many a days in the evening he used to walk all the way from office to home(some 6 kms).
    Since Anand was a trainee, he wasn’t allocated any machine. And there was a machine in the office library, which had internet access. Whenever there was a break during training, he used to rush to the library for checking/sending mails to his near and dear. And most of the time, there will be another trainee Mallika in the library. Mallika and Anand got into an agreement. Those days, internet connections weren’t that fast. So Anand and Mallika used to open 2 browser windows. In one window, Anand will open his mail box, and in another mallika will open hers. They had a good agreement that each other wont peep into others mail box.
    This went on for quite some time. And one evening Mallika saw Anand avoding the company bus and walking down the road. She jumps out of the bus and joins him. Since they all were staying in company accommodation, their houses were in the same building (Different apartments). Anand looks at her smiles and says nothing. It was a lonely highway, with thorny bushes at both sides. There was a long black water pipe that was there for the entire stretch. At some places, water was leaking and gushing like a fountain. The slum children used to play around that. They keep walking for some distance. Then Mallika breaks the ice and asks him why he is dull and all. Anand says he is home sick. Mallika tries to console him saying, this is bound to happen to everyone. And what he will do if he goes abroad and all. Then they keep talking on a variety of subjects and reach home. They have dinner together that night!
    And from that day onwards they were together most of the times. It didn’t take very long for Anand to propose to Mallika, and she readily accepted. Life was full of roses for Anand and Mallika for the next 2 months.
    Mallika had a room mate, Sarika. Sarika was a very cheerful girl. She became the best pal for Anand. And it was to her, Anand first confessed about his feelings for Mallika.

    Jan 2000

    The training came to an end, and each person was posted to different locations. Mallika's location was Chennai, whereas Sarika and Anand got Mumbai. For the next days, Mallika and Anand were feeling very bad. It took sometime for Anand to regain his senses. And he tried to console Mallika by saying that, he will visit chennai once in 3 months. And this is only a temporary separation.

    The first 2 weeks was like hell for Anand. Every direction he turned, he was reminded of Mallika. He called her almost daily. Slowly Mallika and Anand accepted reality and started focussing on their careers. They got e-mail access and that was a welcome relief for them. And one fine day, they both decided to break the news at home. They did and as expected met with negative response from both the houses.

    Apr 2000

    Days went by, months went by. Mallika was able to see some light at end of the tunnel. Her dad and mom finally agreed. But in Anand's house, there wasnt much change. In fact it became worse. Anand's dad had an heart attack, and this was attributed to the bad luck of Mallika. And to the shock of Anand, his mom fell in his legs and asked him to forget Mallika, for the sake of his dad. Anand was shattered. He hugged his mom, cried and promised that he will forget Mallika.

    When Anand broke this news to Mallika, she didnt believe him first. Then she was very upset and bitter at him. She asked him very practical and logical questions like 'If you were not so sure if your parents will agree, then why did you propose to me?', 'If I say I will commit suicide, if you don’t marry me, what will you do' etc. Anand had no answer to any of her questions. Here was one guy stuck in between his parents and the girl whom he loved. He stopped talking to Mallika. Mallika was hysterical. She used to send him hate mails, call him around 10 times a day. But Anand seldom responded or did anything.

    July 2000

    After a while, Mallika slowly started recovering. All this while Sarika was very upset with Anand. She was under the impression, that Anand had ditched Mallika just like that. And she was so upset, she stopped talking to Anand. This was a double blow for Anand. He had enough. One fine day, he called Sarika and poured his heart out. And at the end he cried over the telephone.

    August 2000

    Sarika's attitude towards Anand immediately changed. She was very loving caring and affectionate. And she tried to be with him, at the given opportunity. They both became pretty close and slowly Anand was getting back to his normal self.
    Sarika's parents were looking for an alliance. Anand was more thrilled than Sarika. He used to check the photographs her parents sent and tease Sarika.

    One fine day Sarika met Rahul and agreed for marriage. The marriage took place in her native Jaipur, Rajasthan. Anand went some 3 to 4 days before the marriage. He voluntarily took some tasks and helped Sarika's dad in arranging for the wedding. And during the reception, Anand gifted them a package tour to goa.

    September 2000

    Anand's project was nearing completion. One day, his manager called him and said that he has been short listed for a trip abroad. He had to go to Germany for a 2 year assignment. That’s what the doctor had ordered for him. Back from a love break, it was like a new beginning for Anand. He grabbed the opportunity and went abroad

    December 2004

    Anand came back to India. He had been to india, for 2 to 3 times. But he used to go straight to his home town and get back. He was back in Mumbai after 4 years. Anand felt very nostalgic entering the mumbai office. He still hadnt completely got over Mallika. The pain had gone, but the scars were still there. He was doing his level best to evade the topic of marriage at his home.

    The first thing Anand did was to look out for Sarika. They were in touch through mails initially and as days went by the frequency reduced. Anand didnt mind that. He accepted the fact that Sarika had better priorities in life, and he didnt want to disturb her. But once in Mumbai, he was very eager to meet her.

    He couldnt believe his eyes, when he met Sarika. She was looking very tired. Dark circles around her eyes. The moment he saw her, he knew something was wrong. That evening, he asked her if they can go somewhere. Sarika hesitated for sometime and then agreed.

    It seemed that Sarika's marriage wasnt a success. Rahul was not that much interested in her. He was career oriented, and all he wanted was money. Sarika said that many a days, he never used to come home. Stay in office and get the overtime money. Many trips abroad, leaving her alone. He didnt want to take her, because it will be costly. Sarika was very upset. She had no one to turn to. Even her in-laws were money minded. Later Sarika realized, Rahul had married her just for the sake of status symbol. Sarikas dad was a famous businessman in Rajasthan. He was a granite dealer. And Rahuls family gained a lot because of this marriage, through Sarika's dads contacts. It was more of a business deal rather than a marriage.

    Anand felt really sorry for her, and didnt know what to say. He just put his hands over her shoulder and tried to console her. Sarika started crying. She cried real bad. It looked like a dam had burst. Anand was very patient and quiet. When he was in depression, it was Sarika who brought him to normalcy. Now she is suffering. And as a good friend, it was his duty to cheer up.

    From them on Anand, tried to be with her during lunch and tea breaks. Slowly a smile returned to Sarika's face.

    February 14 2005

    Valentines day. Sarika wanted to be with Anand that day. Rahul as usual was busy. They went to a restaurant called Namaskar in Thane. Its a beautiful restaurant facing the lake Talao Pali. Sarika very casually broke the news. She wanted to divorce Rahul. Anand was shocked. Before he could respond to it, Sarika looked at him in his eye and asked if he can marry her.
    Anand was speechless. He had not expected this. He told her, he needs sometime.

    Once the dinner was over, he was getting back home. The evening was too much for him. He hadnt recovered from the shock. He was not aware of what’s going on around him. He walked for a very long distance away from home. All of a sudden he heard lots of noise and people running around him. He turned and saw a guy running and 3 policemen chasing him. Anand wanted to move to the side but it was too late. The policeman fired a shot at the guy running, but the bullet landed straight in Anands heart.

    Next day, there was an article in times of india. 'Software Engineer killed in Encounter'.

    P.S. Ok. This is my version of the story. Now will from the **** thing, I will post different endings. Like if K Balachandar handled the climax, Ramanarayanan handled the climax, SP Muthuraman handled the climax etc etc :-D

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    Sunday, April 10, 2005

    Good One :-)

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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    Saturday, April 09, 2005

    Blog Template changed

    Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

    I cant delete the above line or this post. Then haloscan will stop working :-(
    So trying to scribble something here ;-)

    Nothing. I have changed the blog template. A template that is very simple. More importantly this template can coexist with both IE and Firefox. Thanks to blogskins
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    Friday, April 08, 2005

    Happening Place

    Have you heard of this phrase 'Happening Place in Town'.
    In Bangalore, its the Brigade Road. In chennai, its the Besant Nagar beach
    and in Pune its 'FC Road/MG Road'.

    When you are new to the city, almost everyone points you to visit these places. I have been to these places many a times, but never understood what the term happening means.

    What do people do in happening places?

    Young guys and girls are found at these places. Either single or in a group. What they do? Walk from one end of the road to the other. Cross over to the other side of the road, and walk back to the starting point. Cross
    the road to this side and start again. Do this for some 4 to 5 times.

    Guys do that so that they get to watch poor girls(Read as girls, who have no money to buy dresses). Either their jean will start 1 inch below where it should actually start, or the t shirt ends 1 inch before where it
    actually should end. And guys. Most of them with sleeveless t shirts, to showcase their arnold like body. But its sad to see that they arent like the austrian arnold s. But like the srilankan cricketer russel arnold!
    And everytime a girl or a group of girl passes by, the guys hand will goto his head for weaving the hair (This action resembles a military salute). If they had been in the army, their superiors would have been really proud of these blokes.

    Every week you go, you will find same set of people with different costumes. Like the forest department allocates a number for the trees, police can allocate numbers to these dudes and babes. If a Munusamy or bangarappa or some patil goes to these places, he becomes a dude. And similarly a muniyamma or karupaayi becomes a babe.
    I fail to understand what is the pleasure one gets by doing this. Yes, beautiful babes are a sight to watch. Then what? Seldom do I see, a dude trying to make an approach to talk to any of the babes. Whats the point of
    gaping at them time to time, when you are not going to talk to them?

    I would rather prefer to goto some garden restaurant, for a candle light dinner!

    But onething for sure. It is really funny to observe what these people are doing. And I pity the shopkeepers. For the amount of crowd that comes in only 10 % enter the shops and only 5 % of that 10 % actually buy something!

    When I called one of my dude friends last week to Bandipur, he said 'Mad or what? Who will go all the way to watch elephants and monkeys. Instead come over to brigade road. Lets hang out till evening and then go pub hopping. Learn to enjoy life(????) buddy.'

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    Thursday, April 07, 2005

    Road to hell?

    I have no clue what our government is upto. Is it absolutely necessary to have a bus service, with the Militants threat?

    True that people across the border find this convenient and cheaper to travel by bus. But apart from that what does everyone gain? There are more losses than gain.

    Everyday, the guards at J&K need to be extra careful about these buses. Even for the inaugural run there were two bomb attacks. Provide extra security, make sure that no militants infiltrate. Worse. What if some militants kidnap the bus and ask for some prisoners to be released? Like what happened with that fatso militant. Forgot that bloody rascals name , who escaped to Islamabad when an Indian Airlines passengers were taken as hostage.

    The present government at the centre is spineless. And doesnt have the guts to combat the terrorism. There was a law called POTA and they happily withdrew it, for coalition purposes.

    Naxalite activities on the rise in Andhra and parts of Karnataka.

    We can cope up with poor economy. But not with militants and terrorists. Damn these selfish politicians!!
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    Champions League- Round 1

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    1st Leg quarter finals results

    Liverpool 2- Juventus 1
    PSV 1 - Lyon 1
    Chelsea 4 - Bayern Munich 2
    AC Milan 2- Inter Milan 0

    Bayern Munich will come out all attacking in the second leg. But can they get that crucial 2 goal difference? Sounds very tough looking at the current Chelsea form.

    AC Milan's semifinal berth is all but guaranteed.

    Juventus got that crucial away goal. Can they sneak through with a 1-0 victory?

    Nothing to say about PSV or Lyon. It was an evenly contested match. Atleast the score line says so!

    I found round of 16 matches more interesting than the quarter finals. Nevertheless, I dont mind waking up at odd hours of the night to watch these matches.

    UPDATE: Those who missed the matches, can check the goals here. Thanks to Maverick for the link!
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    Wednesday, April 06, 2005

    Mumbai Xpress-Music

    What was Ilayaraja thinking when he composed Vande Mataram?
    Or What was Kamal thinking.

    I listened to two songs. Vande Mataram and Kurangu Kaila Maalai.
    Is the movie music really tuned by our Maestro!!!!!

    Was Ilayaraja too preoccupied with TIS and other stuff!! Was Kamal, completely preoccupied with screenplay and movie making that he forgot about the music???

    IR and Kamal combination has always been great. Who can forget the great songs of Aboorva Sagothrargal, Michael Madana Kamarajan. Or the excellent BGM in Pushpak?? These are comedy movies.

    Needless to say about the other movies. Leave the old movies. Wasn't Virumandi too good??

    A big let down. Mumbai Xpress music is a big let down :-( A big disappointment for Kamal and Raja fans

    Last but not the least. Vande Mataram! What on earth was that? Making school children giggle and increase or decrease the pace of the song in random???

    I hope atleast the movie turns out to be good!!
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    Tuesday, April 05, 2005

    Ottagatha kattiko

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Ottagatha kattiko
    gettiyaaga ottiko
    vatta vatta pottu kaari

    Check out more on Penelope Cruz and her latest flick 'Sahara' here
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    I always enjoy sleeping. Rather I would say I enjoy falling asleep in the following ways

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    1. Monday evening come back early from office. Cook a light dinner, and have it before 8.30. Watch TV for some time, and fall asleep in the hall itself.
    2. Saturday afternoon. It should be raining heavily outside. Around 2 PM, watch some movie in Sun TV and doze off to sleep listening to the rain
    3. Should wake up at some 3 AM or so. Look at the watch, and feel happy that I can sleep for some 3 to 4 more hours and sleep :-D
    4. After a tiring day in office. Have dinner somewhere on the way itself, reach home by 10.30 PM or so. Change, have a quick shower and hit the bed.
    5. Saturday night during winter. Be awake till 3 AM or so, watching something or other in TV. Eye lids should become so heavy, that I cant stay awake. Switch off TV, cover myself completely with blanket and sleep.

    The list goes on, but am feeling so sleeeeeeeeeepy now. Will update remaining later *yawn*
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    Monday, April 04, 2005

    Cool Pants 2

    Remember? I had written about this cool pants from Van Heusen.
    Today I got a courier from these guys :-D advertising about the cool pants stuff ;-)

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    If they give some discount it would be good. Guess Maverick also received this courier!
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    Sunday, April 03, 2005


    Image hosted by Photobucket.comHad been to Bandipur this weekend. There is a wildlife sanctuary at Bandipur. Myself and some of my colleagues went there. Actually our clients are there from Sweden, and they were very much interested in venturing into the jungle. This place is around 190 KMS south of bangalore, on the bangalore-ooty route.
    Read on!

    (Please Click on Every picture to get a bigger one)
    ***Day One**************
    Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe resort is there right at the beginning of jungle. Lots of greenery, and very silent. It is a must visit place if you want to relax over a weekend.

    We reached there by around 12 in the afternoon. Had lunch and rested for a while. The jungle safari started at around 4 PM. There was this special jeep, which takes you inside the jungle. Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is the water hole, where the tigers usually come to quench their thirst it seems. We waited here for quite sometime, to check if a tiger is there. Our bad luck. Didn't find any :-(

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com But there were many peacocks.
    During monsooon, they spread their feathers and express their joy. Now they were happy to fold it and keep it intact.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is the sort of roads, that we found inside the jungle. Some of them had tiger pug marks, and elephants marks as well.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com There were many different types of deer inside this forest. I would have seen atleast a 1000 deer in the past 2 days.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.comThere was this huge samba deer. And it seems, it licks the sand every evening. Mainly to add salt content. And this particualr deer wasnt scared of us, and was very happy to pose for photographs.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt was slowly getting dark, and there was more activity. All the wild animals were trying to get back to their den or whatever. But they were too quick and it was very tough for us to capture them. We saw wild boars, the giant malabar squirrels, monkeys, elephants. And also many birds like woodpeckers, kingfisher, blue jay and many more.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com This is the jaw bone of a dead elephant. We clicked many more photographs and called it a day Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    ***End of Day One*********

    ***Day Two**************

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comWe set off early in the morning, hoping to see some more elephants and tigers. We took a different route this time. We reached a place, where Karnataka ended and Tamilnadu started Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    In between the mountains, a river flows during monsoon time it seems. This place looks very very beautiful. No pollution, lots of fresh air and breeze. Nature at its best. There was a cloud cover and look at the skies, at 10 AM in the morningImage hosted by Photobucket.com
    The forest guard said, we can get down from the jeep and take some pictures. Otherwise, we were not allowed to get down from the jeep till the end of safari.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com he he. (Psst. I sat in the driving seat only for this photograph :-D)
    My Norwegian friend wanted to take a snap with me. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    He has promised to take me to deep woods in Sweden and Norway sometime ;-)

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comThen the forest guard took us through a road less travelled. The sun was out by this time, and the sky looked lovelyImage hosted by Photobucket.com

    When we were about to leave, I saw a huge elephant. Initially he was standing quiet at a distance.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.comWe took some photographs. All of a sudden he started running towards us angrily. Oh god. It was so scary. I was almost within touching distance of his trunk, and the last thing in our mind was to take photographs :-D

    We checked out from the safari and started back for Bangalore. On the way, we found many trees with red flowers. It looked really beautifulImage hosted by Photobucket.com

    We changed our plans and decided to goto a bird sanctuary called Ranganathittu for bord watching :-D
    Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt was a very hot day, and this Mr Buffalo was trying to chill out in the lake along with his friends.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhat am I a Ferrari fan, if I dont have a red Tshirt?

    This place has amazing birds. It definitely is not the season, but I spotted so many birds.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.comYou go on a boat ride for some 30 hr and get to see so many birds. Lovely. Do visit this place when you get a chance

    I caught this fellow just in the right timeImage hosted by Photobucket.comwhen he was flying over us.
    There was some community gathering happening I guess. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    This bird was very happy in stretching its wings and giving a good pose for us Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Hope you enjoyed the snaps folks. Reached office by 7.30 in the evening. Took 1 hr to upload and blog the snaps. Dead tired now. Bye :-)

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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